Popular Honeymoon Destinations

For harried brides-to-be, pondering where to go on one's honeymoon can be an overwhelming task. The globe is so big, the planning window so small! Luckily, we've taken the guesswork out of the equation. Here are our picks for the year's top honeymoon destinations.

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Costa Rica

You'll find some adventure amidst the green when you're Costa Rica bound for your honeymoon. The flora and fauna—almost overwhelmingly beautiful—will captivate you, and you'll always find plenty to do, especially if you're an outdoors-loving pair.

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Whether you're headed to the rolling wine country of Tuscany or the rocky shores of the Amalfi Coast, Italy is the right spot for taking in gorgeous views—and great meals. Foodies and history buffs will enjoy a stay in the historic center of European high life.

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Bora Bora

Spa seekers and those in need of a post-wedding wind-down should look to Bora Bora in the romantic South Pacific, where over-water bungalows and white sand beaches beckon. Spend a few afternoons sailing and snorkeling, and you'll be feeling like a blissed-out newlywed in no time.

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Mexico will always be a favorite honeymoon spot for fun-loving pairs who want to celebrate their nuptials on the sand. Those whose ideal suitcase contains only a bathing suit, sun block, and a pair of sandals can rest assured that they'll find the ideal beach honeymoon in Riviera Maya.

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Let’s be honest—there's a dreaminess to honeymooning in Paris that just can't be beat. Foodies and wine aficionados will be in heaven, culture-loving couples will find something to do around every corner, and every newly married pair can appreciate the beauty of a stroll through the famed love capitol of the world.

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The Big Island, Hawaii

Honeymooning on the Big Island might be the best way to get a taste of every essential Hawaiian experience—the locale offers it all, and first-time visitors and loyal fans alike will be kept busy and excited. Classic couples seeking a classic honeymoon will find that Hawaii never goes out of style.