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St. Lucia

Kent and Liz, Phoenix, AZ

We used Viji at Tramex to plan our honeymoon. The reason we wanted to use an agency was that we did not really know where to go and did not feel confident we would find the right country for our trip, much less the correct hotel/resort. Viji was quickly able to shoot down some of our first ideas since we would have been going to the destination during the wrong season! She found us a great place and everything was awesome. We will use her again in the future to help get us going on another trip.

Tramex Bora Bora 03

10 Year Anniversary Trip

John and Lisa, Cedar Park, TX

Dalia Nuernberger has been our travel agent for 11 years and she has arranged and booked the two biggest and BEST trips we've ever taken - our honeymoon and our 10 year anniversary trip, as well as other wonderful vacations! Although we seem to always be on a tight budget, she is amazing at working within our budget. She narrows down our many options and gives us choices, and she remembers our preferences and finds options that we absolutely love. She is friendly, personable, professional, knowledgeable, and gives us excellent advice and tips for the areas we are travelling. We very highly recommend her!!!

Tramex Travel Honeymoons

International Honeymoon

Shauna T., Evansville, IN

Debbie Vanderburg was my representative when trying to book a Honeymoon. I tried to contact my local travel companies, with no response. I then reached out to Tramex through my corporate leisure travel website and was contacted by Debbie via e-mail within an hour. Debbie had over 20 itineraries sent to me, based on what I told her I was looking for, within the first day of me reaching out to Tramex. Even after stating the fact that I would like to book one, she went above and beyond to try and find a later flight to accommodate us with travel. Something I didn't even pay attention too (return flight departing at 6:45 A.M. plus an hour drive from resort to airport). She was able to spot what an inconvenience that was and provide other destinations/flights to try and accommodate a better flight schedule. Since I have never traveled out of the country, I was very skeptical about booking something so large, she was able to answer any and all of my questions. She is truly heaven sent! I have recommended Tramex to everyone that I work with, because we never utilize our corporate...