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Most people's image of a safari probably involves driving around Africa in an oversized, secured-against-the-elements Jeep—but some safari adventures let you roam on foot, bringing you up close and personal with nature.

I’m at Shamwari Game Reserve, a private, five-star game sanctuary in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, just two hours outside the city of Port Elizabeth. My “room” is a small tent, my bed is a cot, and I share a communal shower with all the other guests. But it’s by no means shabby, and what makes this camp utterly unique is that it’s mobile.

Shamwari has a very practical, back-to-basics approach. There’s no electricity; the water is heated by gas; and our food is prepared over the campfire. The tented camp will be our base for a here we will go on a walking safari.

My time at Shamwari is an add-on to a traditional safari. I’ve just spent two nights at Villa Lobengula, a five-star lodge on the other side of the reserve, where my room had a private patio and plunge pool. Tonight, my room is decidedly less luxurious, but my experience is...


As more travelers seek out adventure at high elevations, altitude sickness is an often overlooked risk.

At popular destinations far above sea level, from the peaks of Nepal and the Pacific Crest Trail to the tourist attractions of Peru, the air gets thinner the higher you ascend. People often experience headaches, dizziness, and fatigue from a condition called acute mountain sickness before their bodies eventually adapt to lower oxygen levels in the blood. Untreated, it can progress to a potentially fatal swelling of the brain. And when people ascend in altitude too quickly, they can suffer a swelling of the lungs that can also lead to death.

Researchers are still uncovering some of the mysteries of altitude-related health problems. Genetic factors seem to make some people less susceptible to altitude sickness. People over 50 have a slightly lower risk, perhaps because the brain shrinks slightly as it ages. Men and women seem to be equally at risk, although symptoms might be more severe in men. And, interestingly, people’s fitness levels seem to have little to do with...

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