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My wife once left her security pouch—you know, the thing you keep next to your body with your passport, extra credit card, travelers’ checks, and cash—on an Auckland shuttle van after a 13-hour flight to New Zealand. She didn’t sleep on the flight and had been awake for 36 hours. I slept a respectable six and was feeling pretty good. I don’t think my indignant, “You did what?!?” helped the situation.

We were lucky. We called the shuttle company, they found the driver, and he made it back to our B&B in 15 minutes. Nothing was missing. It would have cost us the $50 we tried to fork over as an extra tip, but the driver simply wouldn’t take it. Ah, New Zealand. (And I promptly apologized to my wife, although we differ about the length of time this took.)

The items we lost for only a few minutes could have been replaced, with the exception of a couple hundred dollars. But it would have been a hassle, and it exemplifies how easy it is to let something slip away when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place.

It’s very difficult to get reimbursed for lost or damaged...

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