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A movie night with some of my friends last Friday was truly a gastronomical experience.

The multicultural understanding was beautifully crafted, the film was all about opening up your senses.

I did not know that the big screens can waft cardamom in the air and lure your senses, the desire to dine after the movie was not even in doubt.

As for me it took me back to my travels in India where I had experienced the French Influence in Indian cuisine. Along the Coromandel Coast, Pondichery, Karikal & Yanon, on the Malabar Coast, Mahe .

The movie is very appropriately named, if it evokes your travel desires our travel chefs can fix that for you, give us a call at 512-343-2201 and make an appointment.

As for the movie you be the judge for things enjoyed by one person may be distasteful to another.

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